TBI: Module 9 Mobility POST-Test
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  This POST-Test is in three parts:

Part A - Is 10 multiple choice questions that are identical with the PRE-Test at the beginning of the module. Please complete these 10 questions even if you did not complete the pre_Test before you began the module.
Part B - Is 7 open ended questions to test your knowledge.
Part C - Is 4 questions about yourself and feedback on the module.

On completion of the questions your answers will be emailed to you. You will then be re-directed to a page of sample answers so that you can compare your answers with the correct answers.

  a) Revisiting The 10 Pre-Test questions
How confident do you now feel in assisting someone to get out of bed if they have a weakness on one side of their body?
When walking with someone who requires moderate assistance due to motor impairments, I now feel:
If I was walking with someone who has motor impairments, I would now:
To improve compliance with an exercise programme, I would now:
People who have sustained a brain injury may present with:
What strategies would you now use to manage aggression and agitation in exercise sessions?
When assisting someone to stand, I would now:
How confident do you now feel to contact the prescriber of an orthoses if your client is reporting pain when wearing it?
You notice your client has become less motivated to engage in regular exercise. You are concerned that their weight is increasing and their mood is low. I would now:
In using a timetable to structure in regular exercise in a client’s week I now feel
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