TBI: Module 10 Mental health & TBI : POST-Test
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  This POST-Test is in three parts:

Part A - Is 8 questions (7 multiple choice and 1 open-ended question) that are identical with the PRE-Test at the beginning of the module. Please complete these 8 questions even if you did not complete the pre_Test before you began the module.
Part B - Is 9 additional questions (7 multiple choice and 2 open ended questions) to test your knowledge.
Part C - Is 4 questions about yourself and feedback on the module.

On completion of the questions your answers will be emailed to you. You will then be re-directed to a page of sample answers so that you can compare your answers with the correct answers.

  a) Revisiting The 8 Pre-Test questions
How confident are you that you have a good introductory understanding of mental health problems and TBI?*
Do you feel confident to explain to family members why it is important to identify mental health problems after a TBI?*
Do you feel confident you understand the main types of mental health problems after at TBI?*
What are the four main types of mental health problems after a TBI*
For a person with a TBI when is a reactive depression more likely to start?*
What are some typical symptoms of personality change?*
Which of the following statements about drugs and alcohol are true?*
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