Module 11: Mental health problems and TBI:
                     Diagnosis and Management

11.0 Aims


This module includes a Pre-Test.

You may find it helpful to do the pre-Test now and the Post-Test at the end of the module. You will be able to compare you pre and post answers.

The Pre-Test includes 8 questions - 7 multiple choice and 1 open-ended question. It is quick to do. Your questions and answers will be emailed to you.


The aim of this module is to help clinicians understand mental illness diagnosis and management issues for people with traumatic brain injury (TBI) who have a mental illness.


Module 10 provides an introduction to mental health problems & TBI for people with TBI, staff and family members.

This module is for GPs, psychologists and psychiatrists who many have minimal experience of working with people with TBI with mental health problems.

You may be working with a person who has a brain injury and a mental health problem and may not have experienced the particular diagnostic and management challenges that can arise.

This module will alert you to these challenges.


At the end of this module, you should be able to:

11.1 Contextualise TBI and mental health problems within the context of mental health & mental health problems.

11.2 Identify the factors affecting the risk of psychiatric illness after a TBI.

11.3 Be aware of the overview of the brain and psychiatric illness.

11.4 Understand the levels of severity of a TBI and their measures.

11.5 Identify the main types of mental illness after a TBI.

11.6 Explore the issues in the case study: Sam.

11.7 Identify the diagnostic challenges for a person with TBI and mental health problems in particular:

  • Person with TBI
  • Inherent in the disease
  • Social environment
  • Psychiatry and services.

11.8 Identify the management challenges for a person with TBI and mental health problems in particular those arising from:

  • Person with TBI
  • Medical services
  • Family
  • Rehabilitation team.

11. 9 Identify useful resources.


Module 11 compiled from materials written by:

Dr Patricia Jungfer