Coping with ABI

Head Injury, the facts

Audrey Daislet, Rachel Tams, Udo Kischka, Head Injury, the facts. Oxford University Press, 2009

Explains how the brain is affected with a head injury, the problems that arise and how to cope. (Head Injury is the term for TBI in the UK.)

Brain Injury Survival Kit

Cheryle Sullivan Brain Injury Survival Kit 365 Tips, Tools, & Tricks to deal with Cognitive Function Loss.

This is a resource for people with TBI and their families. Many of the tips apply to other kinds of ABI.

Pathways and Services in NSW

In 2010 the Pathways and Protocols Working Group, a sub-group of the Steering Committee for the Interagency Agreement on the Care and Support Pathways for People with an ABI prepared:
Care and Support Pathways for People with an Acquired Brain Injury, PDF
Referral and Service Options in NSW
. May 2011 (3.1 Meg)

This document includes both sample pathways and lists of services.

People's stories

Paper Cranes

Cheryl Koenig, Paper Cranes, A Mother's Story of Hope, Courage and Determination, An Hourglass book, 2008

Cheryl Koenig's life changed forever the day her 12 year old son Jonathan was involved in a car accident. Jonathan was given very little chance of survival. Now, more than ten years since the accident Jonathan lives a rich and fulfilling life. Paper Cranes draws on the diary Cheryl kept during the rehabilitation process.

Jonathan's story is one of the 8 video stories used on this site.