3. Team meetings

Team meetings are an opportunity for staff learning.

For example team meetings can be used for:

  • Case discussion
  • Case study discussions
  • Feedback on training staff have undertaken.

This site

The resources on this web site could be used for team meetings for example:

Use with graphics in Self-study module 1 to introduce a discussion of TBI:

1.2 Epidemiology
1.3 Anatomy
1.4 Trauma

Use the videos in Self study Module 2 to introduce new staff to a discussion of communication issues with people with TBI

Use the Case studies in Self-study Module 5 to start a discussion of behaviour management:

Case study A
Case study B

Use the videos in Self-study Module 9 to focus a discussion around common physical presentations you may see following a TBI

Use the Transition Wheel and Transition wheel Interview from Toolkit A as a starting point for discussion on helping workers explore issues and set goals with young people with TBI.

Use the Worksheets in Toolkit B Promoting Independence to work with staff on how to document goals, strategies and monitor progress.

3. Identifying issues
4 . Setting goals
5 . Making goals happen
6 . Monitoring progress

Use an of the specific strategies in Toolkit B Promoting Independence to begin a discussion of a specific issue, e.g.

11. Remembering information and messages
13. Managing time
15. Food and meals