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   NSW Brain Injury    Rehabilitation Forum
   May 2011


  Brain Injury
  Rehabilitation Unit
   Liverpool Hospital   

  Brain Injury
  Rehabilitation   Directorate (BIRD)

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Working with people with TBI

What you need to know working with people with TBI

   How to use the site: Support workers, team leaders, case managers

Staff self study modules

   1 An Introduction to Traumatic Brain Injury
   2: Communication
   3: Promoting skills for independence
   4: Understanding and managing cognitive changes following an TBI
   5: Understanding and managing behaviour Changes following an TBI
   6: Sexuality after an ABI : issues and strategies
   7. Case management
   8. Supervising staff / Managing staff
   9. Mobility
   10. Mental health problems and TBI: An Introduction

   11. Mental health problems and TBI: Diagnosis and Management

   12. Working with Families after Traumatic injury: An Introduction


  A. The Next Step: Transition from Children's Services to the Adult World
   B. Working Together Promoting Independence    

Smart phone apps

  A. Smart phone Apps for people with brain injury

Work place learning

   Ideas and strategies for work place learning

Presenters' resources

   Resources for presenters running training sessions
   for self study modules 1 to 8

   Goal Training Workshop NEW

   This is a new web site with learning materials
   for staff working with people with ABI.

   At the heart of the site are two Self-Study modules:
      1. Introduction to ABI
      2. Working with people with ABI

    There are video stories, graphics and other resources.
   The materials on this TBI site and the ABI are cross linked where relevant.