2.5 Social communication deficits

Communication involves much more than words and sentences. It involves understanding and following a variety of social rules. This social part of communication is called “Pragmatics”.


A. Look at David's video again and brainstorm ideas about his social communication skills.
B. Read about imapirmenst and effects
C. Experience what it’s like to have this communication disorder


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Social communication

After a TBI a person may have difficulty following the social rules and conventions of communication, even if they are able to pronounce words and use the correct grammar.
When these rules and conventions are broken, we often feel uncomfortable.  What makes you feel uncomfortable during a conversation?

Experience what it's like to have pragmatic/ social communication deficits

Try to/remember having a conversation with someone about your weekend plans when they do not maintain eye contact with you.

Eye contact is one skill that is important to good communication. If you are talking to a person who does not have good eye contact, you may feel like they are not really listening, or you may be unsure how they are responding to what you are saying. People with a brain injury may have changes to their social communication skills that make it difficult for others to interact with them.